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To changethe VPSpassword(WinSCP/Putty) 1. Login to SSH via xShell4 (Recommended) or Putty2. Type in the command: passwd

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  • How do I change the password on my VPS?

  • To change the password you only need to know one command. First, access your VPS through SSH. Having trouble? Check out our PuTTY tutorial. Then, to change the password in Linux you need to open the terminal and type the following command: After executing the command, you will be asked to enter the new password twice.

  • How to login to a VPS account?

  • Now you have to enter the username as specified. For a VPS, it will be by default as 鈥渞oot鈥? If it is something else, you can check the details provided in the email (by the provider). After entering the username as 鈥渞oot鈥? press enter. Now another line will come up, asking for a password. Enter the password.

  • What is a host key to Putty?

  • So, a Host key to PuTTY is basically what a valet鈥檚 uniform and badge is to a car owner. It is simply a unique fingerprint to your server鈥檚 SSH program (OpenSSH) that helps PuTTY in future sessions to recognize it by.

  • How do I connect to a VPS from my computer?

  • In the 鈥淗ost Name (or IP address)鈥? enter your VPS IP and leave other settings as shown in the above screenshot (default). When you鈥檙e done, click on 鈥淥pen鈥?button in right downside. When you connect, you may see something like this.