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TheDD commandis used to check the speed of the VPS. Login to your VPS and use the following command: dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync

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  • How do you measure the performance of a VPS?

  • There is a performance or stability metric for every possible usage of a VPS: Web Server: compare the Web tests metrics: latency and capacity. CI testing, CPU intensive tasks: compare the Sysbench CPU and Endurance test metrics. File server: compare the Sysbench Disk IO and Network Transfers test metrics.

  • Why do we need to test VPS disk speed?

  • We need to test VPS disk speed of a server because all the vps on the same server and depending upon the vps on that server your disk performance can be effected. Further you can check out if you truly have HDD or SDD VPS.

  • How does vpsbenchmarks test my VPS?

  • Every month, VPSBenchmarks test between 10 and 15 new VPS. For every one of them, we measure 25 different metrics over several days and we use them to calculate grades in 5 categories including CPU power, disk IO speed and network speed.

  • How can I compare the performance of my VPS to other servers?

  • Run the same benchmarks that run on major provider VPS on your own servers with Private Trials. Then compare their performance to any other server at VPSBenchmarks.