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  • How to create a fivem server on Windows VPS?

  • How to Create a FiveM Server on a Windows VPS 1) Install Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or newer 2) Navigate to 鈥淭his PC鈥?then 鈥淟ocal Disk (C:) 3) Create a new folder labelled 鈥淔XServer鈥?4) Download the 鈥淟atest Recommended鈥?FiveM artifacts from here 5) Once downloaded, extract the contents of the …

  • How do I set up home hosted hosting with fivem Keymaster?

  • Head to and sign in with your FiveM account. Click on the button that says 鈥淣ew鈥? Insert a name you would like into the 鈥淟abel鈥?input. Insert into the 鈥淪erver IP address鈥?input. Pick 鈥淗ome hosted鈥?in the 鈥淪erver type鈥?input.

  • How do I find the current version of fivem?

  • Now create a subfolder in your home folder and name it 鈥渟erver鈥? Now use cd server/ to go to the folder you just created. Then go to the artifacts server of FiveM. On this server you will find all current server versions. Note that the most recent version is always the one at the bottom. Now go to the subdirectory of this current version.

  • How to turn off Windows Defender Firewall for fivem?

  • We will have to turn off the standard Windows Firewall on the machine and also port forward to FIVEM. If these steps are not completed your server may not be found and players will likely not be able to join the server. 1. Open 鈥榃indows Defender Firewall鈥?and turn off all the firewalls, there should be two.