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Step 1Login to your cPanel VPS server. That is why I recommended you to choose a server using cPanel because it makes your job easier. Step 2 Please create database name and database password on your cPanel for preparation installation of the script. Step 3 Upload the 鈥渓atest鈥?folder of the Mailwizz script.

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  • What level of VPs do I need for mailwizz?

  • For this use case we warmly recommend at least a Linux VPS level 4 with cPanel or a Managed VPS Level 4. If you are a Managed VPS User you may jump directly to the MailWizz Configuration part as all the installations steps would be done for you upon delivery without even the need to even mention it.

  • How to install mailwizz on Windows?

  • 9- Start Mailwizz Installation by opening your web browser and opening the URL: Your_Domain/install (ex (in my case): Configure Mailwizz. Now, Enter your purchase code, Agree on the terms and click Next.

  • How does mailwizz handle email campaigns?

  • MailWizz relies on servers in order to handle your emailing campaigns. We will therefore create the different required servers. In the next step you should fill it as follows:

  • How to create a feedback loop server in mailwizz?

  • In MailWizz Sidebar click On Servers Feedback loop Servers and click On Create New Server. You鈥檒l be asked to fill these details: Hostname: Username: [email protected] Email: [email protected] It should look as follows: You may face the need to use several Mailing List during your campaign.