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If you鈥檙e using our VPS hosting service, access the server bylogging in to your Hostinger account. Find your VPS hosting account and click Manage. The SSH details will be available on the server management panel. If you don鈥檛 know the password for the SSH access, scroll down to the Root password section to create a new one.

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  • Is fully managed VPS hosting the right choice for You?

  • But, if you prefer to have an expert manage your hosting and the tech stuff (freeing up more time for you to focus on your business), then Fully-Managed VPS Hosting might be the right choice to fulfill your hosting needs. Which operating system can I run on my server? GoDaddy VPS Hosting offers both Linux (CentOS or Ubuntu) and Windows Server.

  • How to set up VPS hosting?

  • The first step in setting up your VPS hosting is to have a domain. If you do, you only need to purchase VPS hosting and link your domain name with it. But if you don鈥檛 have a domain yet, then first purchase a domain. To purchase and register a domain name, you must choose your registrar.

  • How to manage a domain on a VPS?

  • Click on My Domains, and locate the domain you wish to manage. Then, select Manage Domain: After that, you need to set the name servers for your VPS. This is the application that will direct the traffic on your domain to your specific server. To do that, go to Nameservers, and use any of the following:

  • What is unmanaged VPS hosting?

  • With unmanaged VPS hosting, you are responsible for everything on your server (or at least, your virtual partition of the server). This gives you the freedom to set it up however you wish, with the Operating System (OS) of your choice and any desired software. What鈥檚 more, the prices for an unmanaged VPS plan can be very affordable: