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Combining WHMCS with the VPS.Net moduleis a great way to sell VPS (or Cloud servers,depending on how you wish to market it) to your customers through a completely white label solution. This is the first official module,not to be confused with previous third party modules for the VPS.Net service.

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  • How to sell VPS/dedicated servers?

  • How to sell VPS, dedicated servers and semi-dedicated servers from your reseller template Become a reseller of dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers with ResellersPanel and increase your chances for success.

  • Why should you resell your VPS hosting?

  • By reselling your VPS hosting, you can start your own hosting business in an affordable way. Reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting where a VPS account holder can create sub-packages within the server space and bandwidth they had got with their main VPS plan.

  • How does a VPS reseller work?

  • The VPS Reseller platform however works differently from a billing perspective, in that you are pre-purchasing ‘resources’ (RAM, CPU Cores, Storage and IP’s). This is essentially your own ‘cloud allocation’, which you can use to provision VPS servers. For example, you could pre-purchase 6 Cores, 12GB RAM and 200GB SSD and 5 IP addresses.