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To install,purchase your VPS,go to your contabo control panel,VPS control,click the disk icon under Rescue System,then chose the SystemRescueCD64,set a password,and click start rescue system. Use putty to SSH to your VPS’s IP address and put in the password you just created to login.

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  • How to choose contabo VPS and dedicated server?

  • Shared Hosting VPS and Contabo Dedicated Server there are 7 options to choose Contabo VPS on the left you will find HDD servers and on the right SSD servers. I highly recommend buying any of SSD based servers in my opinion that is the best buy option but since this is just tutorial I will buy a 5-euro VPS.

  • How do I set up a contabo server?

  • Once you log into your dashboard you can set up your server. You go to and you enter the details that will be sent to you in your email, okay. So now the next step is, let鈥檚 look at the dashboard. Log into your account. Yeah this is the Contabo Dashboard.

  • What is the best thing about contabo?

  • Best thing about Contabo VPS? Price efficiency! Starting from 鈧?.99 you get your own virtual server with an operating system of your choice and full root access. A Virtual Private Server is a great way to get an independent computing instance at an unmatched price point. You can choose the type of storage that goes with each VPS.

  • What is the contabo dashboard?

  • Yeah this is the Contabo Dashboard. Services, this is going to show you the current VPS or VDS or servers that you have. You鈥檒l get your IP address and all this other stuff here. If you want to do anything with your server once you get it, you can even click there to reinstall the operating system.