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Click on 鈥淥pen鈥?and you will see the command line in which you need to enter your username which is 鈥渞oot鈥?in most cases and hit enter. Put the VPSpassword and hit the Enter key. You are almost done. Now, you are running a proxyserverin your PC and you can connect any application to this server.

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  • How do I set up a proxy for my VPS?

  • Advanced network Settings Choose 鈥淢anual proxy configuration鈥?and in the 鈥淪OCKS host鈥?enter 鈥?鈥?and in the port enter the number which you used in putty, 1081 in this case. Click on 鈥淥k鈥?and close option dialogue. Now you are behind proxy and your browser uses your VPS ip to open websites.

  • What IP鈥檚 should I set up for a proxy server?

  • This can be another password than the password you use for logging into your vps. This will be the setup for a proxy server with the main ip and 2 extra ip鈥檚 and These IP鈥檚 you configure in the last part;

  • What is a proxy server and how does it work?

  • A proxy server facilitates and centralizes Internet traffic for your network. When you require your end users to connect to a corporate proxy server, you can: Another added benefit of using a VPS as a proxy server is the speed provided by the app.

  • How do I use my VPS IP?

  • There are certain purpose of using your VPS IP such as: You will need a Linux VPS which can be ordered from our website or any other provider and a free software for SSh connection, Putty. Run putty and type your VPS ip in the 鈥淗ost name鈥?field.