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Virtualization software system

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  • What is the difference between KVM and OpenVZ VPS?

  • The differences from OpenVZ VPS is that it supports custom kernels and kernel changes, has better privacy, and the fact that resources are fully allocated to each VM. KVM has earned a reputation in the web hosting industry for being of a higher quality than OpenVZ, and these differences generally detail why that has become the case.

  • Can I upgrade my OpenVZ VPS?

  • Our simplified upgrade pricing makes it easier to grow your OpenVZ VPS with us. We also offer web hosting control panel licenses at competitive rates. * To request upgrade or for more details, please contact sales. We use Intel CPUs in all our locations powered by Dell/HP servers with ECC RAM enterprise HDDs.

  • What are the pros and cons of OpenVZ servers?

  • With OpenVZ Servers, however, it is not all cons. Some of the pros to this virtualization technology include the fact that it is incredibly lightweight, easy to set up, and offered at great prices. KVM VPS Hosting is fully virtualized.

  • What can you do with a Linux VPS?

  • Can run both Linux and Windows and you can use your own kernel. Harder to over-commit than OpenVZ, so the resources are usually yours to use. KVM has some overhead, so some resources (such as a small amount of RAM) are used by the kernel. What can you do with a VPS? The answer is pretty simple: almost everything you can on a dedicated server.