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Few Steps to setup your VPS-CPANEL: 1 -Login to your VZMC and get inside your server 2 – Create a new VPS with the Sample Ve Config call vps.cpanel3 – Select the ips you want to use in that VPS and the dns servers. 4 – Select RedHat Enterprise Template (not minimal) 5 – Dont select any addon.You dont need it for cpanel.

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  • How to install cPanel on a Linux VPS?

  • Install Cpanel on your Linux VPS, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian You will need to upgrade to at least a link 4 to run cPanel on your VPS. To install cpanel on your VPS, you will need to first log into your server as root after a fresh installation. Since the installation can take a while, I recommend installing screen (apt-get or yum install screen).

  • How do I set up a mail server on a VPS?

  • Setting up a mail server on your VPS requires a new cPanel account. You can create it via WHM (or Web Host Manager), cPanel鈥檚 server administration platform. Still, bear in mind that cPanel鈥檚 new pricing model bases licensing fees on a per-account basis.

  • How long does it take to install WHM/cPanel?

  • You can use this code to install WHM / cPanel. The cPanel installation process will take some minutes according to your network speed and the value of your resources. Based on the resources of your server, the installation may take about an hour to 2 hours. Remember to enable this service once the installation was completed with the below commands.

  • What is cPanel hosting control panel?

  • What Is cPanel? cPanel, as its name implies, is a web control panel. cPanel provides you with the ability to manage Linux-based hosts. This control panel provides users with a wide range of features, and as a result, it has formed the most significant hosting control panel.