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Moving on,the next step to setting up your Linux VPS server is to log into the server via SSH. SSH is a security protocol known for its strong encryption and authentication procedures. This makes the server a lot more secure,as it hides sensitive data from third parties and hackers. The service provider will usually send you server鈥檚 information …

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  • How to set up a private Linux VPS server?

  • In order to set up your private hosting server, you first need to find the right Linux VPS service provider. If you鈥檝e Googled Linux VPS already, you probably noticed that there are dozens of service providers out there, each competing for your attention.

  • How to install Kali Linux on a VPS?

  • The second way to install Kali Linux on a VPS server is to use Converto. This way you can install Automated Kali Linux or Parrot OS Installer on VPS. It should be noted that this method has been tested on systems based on Debian and Ubuntu.

  • How do I connect to a VPS using SSH?

  • However, to properly configure your VPS, you need SSH (or Secure Shell) 鈥?a network protocol that lets you establish an encrypted connection to the server and execute commands on it. SSH works solely through a command-line interface, and if your computer uses a Unix-based OS like Linux or macOS, you can use the Terminal to establish a connection.

  • How to set up Node JS on Linux VPS?

  • Setting up node.js on a Linux VPS is a relatively short and simple task. We simply need to install node.js on our server and start it, and we will also write a very brief app to respond to requests. But before making use of it, let鈥檚 define what node.js is and what it offers.