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Enter your VPS IP details and click connect. Then enter your root password when it redirects you to the VPS server and et voila! You have a VPS server. From here on,You can use the VPS server as a normal computer. Install Jarvee on the VPS and continue with the next guide on how to set up Jarvee.

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  • How to move Jarvee to another computer or VPs?

  • Here is how to move Jarvee from 1 PC to another PC or VPS: All the details, campaign information and history of your Jarvee are kept locally on the machine where Jarvee is installed, so in case you want to move your Jarvee to another Computer or VPS a re-install wouldn鈥檛 do it.

  • How to set up Jarvee on Amazon VPS?

  • However, for the sole purpose of using the VPS for JARVEE, you need to select 鈥淢icrosoft Windows Server 2016鈥? You need to scroll down, as there are numerous items in the list provided by Amazon, until you get to 鈥淢icrosoft Windows Server 2016鈥? it also has to say 鈥淔ree tier eligible鈥?in the left corner.

  • How many Jarvee accounts can I run on a VPS?

  • Again, these are general guidelines, if you set it up to do thousands of actions daily with each account you can fully load an 8Gb RAM machine with 20-30 accounts easily. since JARVEE is using local databases to keep its data, it鈥檚 recommended that your VPS has an SSD and not just an HDD. This will greatly improve its performance.

  • Can I use Jarvee on Windows 2008?

  • do not use JARVEE on Windows 2008, it should be something newer, like at least Windows 2016 In case you鈥檝e never used a VPS before and you鈥檙e not sure how it works, the second part of the free amazon tutorial will help as it lists a lot of guides on how to use a VPS, check it out: