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How to Install a FivemServeron Your VPSOn your VPS, create a new folder on disk C: and name it as you鈥檇 like. Download the latest recommended version from the windows server artifacts-list. Extract the build you downloaded into the folder you first created. (Use WinRAR or 7-Zip) Select the folder you have created and right-click on it.

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  • How to create a fivem server?

  • FiveM Server Artifacts + FiveM Server Data 1. Create a new folder called fivemserver. 2. Extract the downloaded FiveM Server Artifacts to your fivemserver folder. 3. and extract/copy its resources folder into your fivemserver folder. 4. Inside of your fivemserver folder, create a new file called server.cfg.

  • Can You Host 2 fivem servers from one VPS?

  • As the title says Can you host 2 FiveM servers from one VPS? Yep. They just need to be 2 different ports. Yeah I have 2 on the list But it fails handshake.

  • What software do I need to install fivem on a VPS?

  • For traditional and Windows VPS installations, your system has to be installed with Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or other newer versions. Our team also recommends integrating Git software into your system to ensure the correct installation of your FiveM server.

  • How do I set up home hosted hosting with fivem Keymaster?

  • Head to and sign in with your FiveM account. Click on the button that says 鈥淣ew鈥? Insert a name you would like into the 鈥淟abel鈥?input. Insert into the 鈥淪erver IP address鈥?input. Pick 鈥淗ome hosted鈥?in the 鈥淪erver type鈥?input.