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Virtual Private Server

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  • What is a VPS server?

  • The full meaning of VPS is Virtual Private Server. VPS is a type of hosting service used for websites. With the use of virtualization technology, VPS provides users with private resources on a server that has more than one user.

  • When should you consider a VPS for your website?

  • If you need enhanced security features, advanced monitoring capabilities, more backup space, improved website reliability, or plan on taking any form of online payment, then you may want to consider VPS. With VPS, you get reliable resources and can count on top-notch security features.

  • Why should you choose VPS hosting for Your Small Business?

  • Because with VPS, you have a secure and dedicated virtual server where you are more likely to pass a PCI compliance test. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was established by major credit card brands to protect against cardholder data theft.

  • What makes your VPS offering stand apart?

  • Here are a few ways our VPS offering stands apart: 24/7 customer support, an intuitive panel, scalable RAM, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage. Plans start at $10/mo.