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Check it and kill the unwanted process that is running in the VPS. Sometimes if you use more than one anti virusesin your VPS then it cause the VPS slagging. If nothing is prob from your end,then it might be some issue in the provider end.

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  • Why is my VPN connection so slow?

  • The most influencing factor is the internet speed you are using and the distance between your location and the VPN server. For example, if you are connecting from Dubai to a Washington DC VPN server you could be experiencing slower internet speed.

  • Is managed VPS hosting slow?

  • Managed VPS Hosting is Usually SLOW! 鈥?But how can this be?! 鈥?you ask. Or the ever popular, 鈥?But how do you know?! 鈥?Ha! I know it is because I manage a dozen web clients every week and get to see every webhosting service out there.

  • How to increase your VPN speed?

  • Wireless connections depend on a shared network to transmit data between many devices which usually results in slower speeds. Therefore, one of the most common methods to improve your VPN experience is to use wired connections. They will definitely increase your speed and ensure consistency. 4. Upgrade your ISP or VPN plans

  • What are the limitations of a VPN?

  • ISP speed limitation Your Virtual Private Network will never be faster than then internet speed your ISP provides. If your plan is 40 Mbps, then it鈥檚 the max speed a VPN will be able to provide even if it鈥檚 capable of 50 Mbps. 5. Antivirus software It鈥檚 common for firewalls to slow down VPN connections.