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  • How many Amazon VPCs can I have?

  • You can have: 1 Five Amazon VPCs per AWS account per region 2 Two hundred subnets per Amazon VPC 3 Five Amazon VPC Elastic IP addresses per AWS account per region 4 One internet gateway per Amazon VPC

  • Do Amazon VPCs support eIPS for IPv6?

  • EIP addresses should only be used on instances in subnets configured to route their traffic directly to the Internet gateway. EIPs cannot be used on instances in subnets configured to use a NAT gateway or a NAT instance to access the Internet. This is applicable only for IPv4. Amazon VPCs do not support EIPs for IPv6 at this time. Q.

  • How does AWS work with Amazon VPC?

  • AWS automatically optimizes which instances are charged at the lower Reserved Instance rate to ensure you always pay the lowest amount. However, your instance reservation will be specific to Amazon VPC. Please see the Reserved Instances page for further details. Q. Can I employ Amazon CloudWatch within Amazon VPC? Yes. Q.

  • What is Amazon LightSail VPS?

  • Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to get started with AWS for developers, small businesses, students, and other users who need a simple virtual private server (VPS) solution. Lightsail provides developers compute, storage, and networking capacity and capabilities to deploy and manage websites and web applications in the cloud.