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  • How do I know if I鈥檓 on a dedicated server or VPs?

  • The dmidecode command displays BIOS information that can include one or more virtualized components. When you see any of the following, it鈥檚 a sign that you are on a VPS and not a dedicated server. If you see something like: that鈥檚 VMware, not a dedicated server. that鈥檚 the Microsoft VM, VirtualPC, also not a dedicated server.

  • What is VPS hosting?

  • What Is VPS Hosting? A virtual private server (VPS) is your own private section of a physical server, with that portion of the server鈥檚 resources dedicated just to you.

  • How do I view the memory usage on a VPS?

  • Memory usage can be viewed in the server information stats. Below is an excerpt of the current memory usage on a VPS 4GB RAM with the free Linux terminal command. The total memory is 4GB for the VPS 4GB RAM plan and so on for the other plans.

  • How much does a VPS server cost?

  • Where the VPS option really shines is when it鈥檚 time to sign up: a midrange VPS plan costs around $120 per month, less if you find a great promo deal. So, with VPS you get root access and customizability without the expense of a dedicated server.