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  • How do I protect my VPs from cracking?

  • VPS security against cracking There is only one way to prevent this. It is the use of hard usernames and strong passwords. Passwords that combine uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol.

  • How to crack VPS IP list in Kali Linux?

  • To get the vps IP list to crack, you must first visit a site such as countryipblocks Get the IP range of any country you want. Then, with the KPortScan software, which is a special scanner, specify the active IPs and list them in Kali Linux and start crawling. Recommended Article: Tutorial Mariadb installation on Ubuntu

  • What is the use of a VPS server?

  • VPS helps you to use it in the best conditions and speed of internet access, which has extremely high security. Virtual server or VPS is suitable for long-term use and can run commands and software for several months without the need to restart and reduce speed and efficiency.

  • How easy is it to crack a password?

  • If you enter a simple password such as year of birth, etc., your server will be easily cracked. But suppose the password is more than 10 characters and a combination of lowercase, uppercase, number and symbol. Undoubtedly, the possibility that your password is in the list password and you are cracked is close to zero.