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Virtual private server

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  • What is a VPS?

  • What is a VPS? A VPS, or virtual private server, is a form of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which virtualized server resources are made available to an end user over the internet via a cloud or hosting provider. Each VPS is installed on a physical machine, operated by the cloud or hosting provider, that runs multiple VPSs.

  • What is the difference between a VPS and a cloud server?

  • Before we go into the differences, lets explain how they鈥檙e the same. Both VPS Cloud Servers use virtualized environments. Both VPS Cloud Servers use resources from a single hypervisor. As you can see, both a VPS and cloud servers use the same basic virtualized environment to get started.

  • What is a cloud server and how does it work?

  • A Cloud Server is only able to use the resources of a single machine. Unfortunately, while technology has come far, we鈥檙e still unable to pool resources together from multiple machines to work in conjunction with one another. What the heck are the benefits of a Cloud Server over a traditional VPS?

  • What are the advantages of adding additional resources to a VPS?

  • Addition of extra resources to a particular cloud VPS, such as CPU cores, RAM, primary and backup disk space is easy and instant and thus provide scale out computational resources whenever required to that cloud VPS, without compromising the stability and performance of other cloud servers or even the entire cloud hosting system.