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You can back up a VPS the same way you would any other server. On the basic I would recommendcopying your important files to another server, or an external HDD. This can be done with SCP, NFS, Rsync, or any number of other tools. If the files on your VPS are changing it might be a good idea to set up the backup in a cron job.

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  • Do I need to back up my VPS data?

  • We emphasize that if you have sensitive and very important information in your VPS, be sure to try to back up the data yourself. Although you will need another VPS or FTP backup space to make this backup and the costs will be higher, you will be comfortable with securing valuable information that may be the result of your years of activity.

  • How do I restore my VPs from a backup?

  • On the Snapshots Backups page, find the backup which you wish to get restored to, and click on Restore: Your VPS will be locked while the restoration is in progress. What to do if I want more frequent backups?

  • What are the different types of backups for a VPS?

  • Whether you have a VPS server or another hosting system like a Reseller, there are two common types of backups: full and incremental. Full backups, like Liquid Web鈥檚 Cloud Backups, are typically taken daily and backup the data on the entire server.

  • What to do if my VPS hard disk fails?

  • (iii) A copy of the data base should be either downloaded onto your computer and/or transferred to another VPS so that if there is a hard disk failure on the first VPS, your back-up should not be lost. There are several ways of creating a back-up of the VPS server.