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Log into your Windows VPS (see steps above)While within your Windows VPS,press CTRL +ALT +END ( note do NOT use DEL)Your instance should display options now,including the option to Change Password. Select Change Password. Example from Windows 10You will now need to enter in the current Windows VPS password,followed by your new password along with confirmation.Now,your server should utilize the new feature. Log out and log back in to confirm

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  • How to change Windows VPS password using command-line?

  • Put the New Password in both fields and press OK to apply it. To change the Windows VPS password through Command-line, we need to open the command-line. You can open the command-line in 2 ways. By searching it in the Run page or by searching it in the Windows Search bar.

  • How do I change the administrator password?

  • 5) From the Configuration page, Click the Change button at the Administrator Password. You’ll be able to set the password or generate a secured one and set it by clicking on Change Administrator Password. That’s it!

  • How do I change the default password for a user?

  • Open Run (Press Windows key + R simultaneously) and write compmgmt.msc and press OK, or you can directly go to users and groups by typing lusrmgr.msc. Select Local Users and Groups located on the left-panel. Double-click on Users to open the directory. Right-click on a user and select Set password.

  • What should I do if my VPS cannot restart?

  • Allow the VPS to complete the full restart cycle, do not attempt to login or re-trigger the restart until it has successfully completed. Thank you for viewing this article!