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How to set up personal nameservers (VPS and Dedicated servers)Log into WHM and go to the DNS Functions section DNS Zone Manager menu.Choose the domain you would like to set the nameservers for,click on Manage.Update SOA record indicating your primary nameserver and the usable email address:More items…

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  • How to setup nameservers of your VPS for your domain?

  • In order to setup the Nameservers of your VPS for your domain you have to follow the below mentioned steps where your VPS is using the control panel as a SolidCP. Step 1. Go to your domain control panel and under the DNS settings update your VPS childnameserver that process is different-different as per the domain providers tools settings.

  • How to create nameservers using a premade DNS template?

  • Add your new domain: In the line 鈥?Domain 鈥?add your new domain that will be used for creating nameservers and in the line 鈥?IP Address 鈥?enter the IP address of your VPS. Select 鈥?Use premade DNS template 鈥?and press 鈥?Submit 鈥? 6.

  • Which nameservers should I use for my domain name?

  • In case you wish to use the newly created personal nameservers for the domain name itself (use nameservers and for, make sure to use the nameservers both on the domain registrar side and in the WHM DNS Zone Manager domain name in question NS records and SOA record.

  • How do I create my own nameservers in Hostens?

  • Set Hostens nameservers for domain If the domain that you wish to use for creating your own nameservers is registered not at Hostens, please change the nameservers into Hostens: 2. Add the domain into your VPS: Adding of domain depends on the operating system and control panel you use.