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How To Make Money From A VPSWeb hosting or blog. …Selling Traffic. …PTP (Paid to Promote) PTP i …Running FTP servers. …Reselling. …Hosting Game servers

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  • Is it worth it to buy a VPS for 20 days?

  • Suppose you bought a VPS for $4 for 1 month, you can sell it for $5 for 20 days (If its worth It) and easily make back the money you invested. After 20 days, you can use it for yourself by using it for any of the methods listed here.

  • How do I earn VPS credits?

  • Earn credits by asking relevant questions that are useful to the community. Earn credits by sharing tutorials and questions from the community on social media. Got a friend or a contact who鈥檚 interested in buying a VPS?

  • Where to buy a Linux VPS for free?

  • For a reliable Linux VPS, you can check out Linode, you can host a website or run traffic exchanges for free for 4 months via this link to get $20 to spend. A similar offering is that of DigitalOcean, with $100 in free credits to spend over 60 days. Where to buy VPS? ProfitServer (from $5, You can choose only Linux in the lowest plan.)

  • What is the best way to earn money from PTP?

  • PTP is the most used method to earn. You earn by running traffic exchange on your VPS day and night and than promote a special link. I will not elaborate on it as many PTP die soon, so it gets harder to keep the guide updated. PTP with rate of $2/1000 impressions are also high paying.