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However,businesses who expect rapid growth can also benefit from the stability of the service. If you want a reliable,business-scale hosting environment at a friendly price,it鈥檚 definitely worth consideringVPS hosting for your website. We hope this article helped you understand what is VPS hosting and how it works.

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  • What is a VPS hosting?

  • VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server Hosting. VPS is basically an independent partition of a physical server. Hosting companies often create multiple virtual partitions of one physical server, so each site and files can be kept completely separate.

  • How much does it cost to host a virtual server?

  • Many plans start at about $29 per month, while you can find shared hosting for as low as $3.95 per month. Technical Skill – Managing your own server, even a virtual one, will require more technical expertise than shared hosting.

  • Should I upgrade to VPs or managed WordPress hosting?

  • If your website keeps coming under attack or getting hacked, upgrading your hosting can help to keep it more secure. VPS and managed WordPress hosting are comparable in cost, and both offer an upgrade from shared hosting. You don’t have the time or inclination to bother with technical details – you just want to blog or manage your website.

  • What is unmanaged VPS hosting?

  • An unmanaged VPS hosting service means the hosting provider is only responsible for the physical server and making sure it’s available — you’ll need to take care of maintenance, upgrades and software installation, which can add up versus a managed VPS plan.