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  • What is the best VPS for discord bot?

  • The article below contains a list of a few reliable VPS for discord bots. Galaxy Gate is an affordable VPS for Discord Bot, the cheapest plan goes for $3/mo and offers up to 1Gbps downloads and 100mpbs upload. The plan is backed by unmetered bandwidth meaning that you will just have to pay for the speeds.

  • How long does it take to build a discord bot VPS?

  • If you follow the steps concisely, you should have your very own Discord bot VPS up and running in under 10 minutes. Now, this isn鈥檛 to undermine the power of learning JavaScript and Node.js in order to customize your bot a whole lot more.

  • How do I host a discord bot?

  • Let鈥檚 do it! The best method for hosting Discord bots and having near 100% uptime is to go with a third-party Virtual Private Server (VPS). A Virtual Private Server is, as its name suggests, a 鈥渧irtual鈥?server that鈥檚 up and running 24/7 from your chosen location worldwide.

  • Where is the discordbotapp JavaScript code on the node VPS?

  • The bot.js JavaScript code was transferred into the DiscordBotApp directory on the Node VPS Check to see if the file successfully made it onto the VPS using a simple ls command: As we can see, the bot.js file is now on the server.