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  • Should you choose a dedicated server or a VPS?

  • However, you won鈥檛 have all the resources of the whole physical server to yourself, which means a VPS isn鈥檛 as resource-rich or customizable as a dedicated server. Where the VPS option really shines is when it鈥檚 time to sign up: a midrange VPS plan costs around $120 per month, less if you find a great promo deal.

  • What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

  • A virtual private server (VPS) is your own private section of a physical server, with that portion of the server鈥檚 resources dedicated just to you.

  • What is a dedicated server?

  • A dedicated server is an entire server that鈥檚 reserved for your use. You get all of the resources available on that machine鈥攁nd a dedicated server typically gives you lots of resources. With this kind of plan, you鈥檒l get more disk space and more inodes than a shared hosting plan.

  • Can You host websites on a VPS?

  • You can also host some kinds of websites on a VPS, if those sites have very specialized software needs and if they don鈥檛 use a lot of resources. That鈥檚 because RAM on many VPS options maxes out around 8GB.