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There are many options for how you can copy filesfrom your PC to VPS. Simple and usual Copy/Paste function. Copy files on your local PC by right-clicking the file and selecting 鈥淐opy鈥?in the context menu. Then, go to your VPSvia Remote Desktop Connection app, right-click on Windows Server Desktop and 鈥淧aste鈥?

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  • How do I transfer files between my local computer and VPS?

  • There are many different ways to transfer files between your local computer and a Windows VPS. We chose the simplest and most convenient one: transferring files via a Remote Desktop connection. The method shown in this article has many advantages such as: Follow these simple steps to connect one or multiple local drives to the Windows VPS.

  • How do I connect to my VPS?

  • After selecting the drives click on Connect button. Once you are connected to your VPS, explore My Computer and you would see that selected local drives are available to access directly from your VPS. You can drag-and-drop files from your local computer to your VPS drives.

  • Will my VPS transfer speed be affected by my connection speed?

  • Although the method we will show you today adds the computer as a visible drive to your VPS, the files are still sent through the internet, thus the transfer speed will be affected by your connection speed. It will not be as fast as copying files between drives locally.

  • How do I Map My Local drives on my Windows VPS?

  • You can map your local drives on your Windows VPS and easily transfer the web contents from your local computer to your Windows VPS via Remote Desktop. You can explore mapped drives through Microsoft Windows Explorer and transfer the files by just copying from local computer drive and pasting them in VPS drives.