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In general, an unmanaged VPSallows you to choose and install your preferred applications that will be used for your projects on the VPS, thus allowing you to work with the software that you know best. For example, most providers offer shared hosting servers that come with Apache, a specific database software like MySQL.

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  • What is unmanaged VPS hosting?

  • Unmanaged VPS hosting is where responsibility is on the users. The web host is not liable for managing and updating the server. Unmanaged can also be termed as self-managed VPS. You have to do everything ranging from server setup, software configuration to VPS monitoring.

  • What is a managed VPS server?

  • A Managed VPS server will give you most of a hands-off approach. Here, the host will take care of all the technical things of the server such as software installation, server configuration, security, patches and updates and general troubleshooting making it an ideal choice if you are not technically strong.

  • What are the tech issues to look for when choosing unmanaged VPS?

  • Some of the tech issues you may need to know if you choose unmanaged VPS to include VPS security, LAMP server configuration (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), software update and patching, DNS configuration, SSL certificates creation, control panel setup, server backup, website setup, etc.

  • What is a VPS hosting plan?

  • 鈥?Root access: With a VPS hosting plan, your server stays isolated from the other servers, even though it is hosted on the same physical location. VPS is a connection between dedicated and shared servers, so it includes the features of both. Thus, you have entire root access to manage the server and customize its resources.