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  • Is there a fee for VPS Tax Service?

  • There is a minimum convenience fee of $3.95 regardless of your IRS payment obligation.. April 14, 2020 2:56 PM Did anyone else receive a fee from VPS Tax Service on their credit card after paying their taxes through Turbotax and why wasn’t the fee stated at the time fo payment?

  • What is a VPS server?

  • Because a VPS separates your files from other users on the OS level, it truly is a private server. This means your website lives within a secure container with guaranteed server resources 鈥?think memory, disk space, CPU cores, etc.

  • Does TurboTax charge a VPS fee for credit cards?

  • That is BS. You need to notify users that if they choose credit card they will be charged the VPS fee. Failure to disclose that is on you, Turbotax. The Credit Card fees were displayed although they are at the bottom of the screen in small print. A convenience fee of 2.49% of total amount you owe will be charged by our credit card service provider.

  • Why should you choose VPS hosting for Your Small Business?

  • Because with VPS, you have a secure and dedicated virtual server where you are more likely to pass a PCI compliance test. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was established by major credit card brands to protect against cardholder data theft.