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To migrate your existing VPS to a new VPS, first login to the old Server using any SSH client Now, copy the keys in your new server. open Skysilk, login with your root password and run the command below In the above command, replace the new-server-public-IP highlighted with your new VPS IPv4 address.

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  • How do I migrate a VPS to a different provider?

  • Snapshots are a great way to quickly migrate a VPS. Unfortunately, a few providers like DigitalOcean and Vultr do not allow you to download snapshots, making their snapshots useless for cloning a VPS onto a different provider.

  • How do I migrate my DigitalOcean VPS to lunanode or Vultr?

  • The overall process will look like this: we鈥檒l snapshot a DigitalOcean VPS, create a new VPS from the snapshot, and boot the new VPS to the Recovery ISO. From Recovery ISO, we鈥檒l copy the disk contents to a raw or qcow2 image stored on a block storage device, and install a webserver. Finally, we鈥檒l tell Vultr and LunaNode to download the image.

  • How do I move a tar file to a different VPS?

  • Extract the tar file. At this point it is important to use the –numeric-owner flag for tar. Replace the network configuration in the extracted image with one suitable for the destination VPS. Move the files into their final position (this is the tricky part).

  • How do I create a servername on a VPS?

  • The steps I performed was essentially this: Create a bind mount of the root file system in a separate location on the source VPS. For example mount –bind / /mnt/servername Create a tar file containing all of /mnt/servername. For example tar -C /mnt -c servername | ssh [email protected] dd of=copy.tar