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Regardless of the Linux instance we have chosen to power our project, rebooting our server via PuTTy includes a few simple steps: Install and configure PuTTy on your computer. Log in to the server with the root credentials.Run the command Reboot. This will restart your VPS server and disconnect you from the root account.

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  • How to reboot the VPS using the command line/ssh?

  • How to Reboot the VPS using the Command Line/SSH 1 Using Putty, or your favorite SSH client, log into the server as root. 2 Type: reboot [enter] and your server will begin rebooting. 3 You will be disconnected and can then log back in again once the reboot is complete. More …

  • Is it hard to reboot a VPS?

  • A server reboot doesn鈥檛 need to be a major pain! Although downtime can appear to be a daunting prospect, rebooting a VPS can be done simply and quickly to minimize any disruption to the day-to-day running of your site. This article will explain how to reboot a VPS in a number of ways that are both simple and effective.

  • How do I install putty on my computer?

  • After downloading it, install as you would install any Windows program; just make sure to install it only for the current user, especially if your PC is used by many users. Once the install is finished, launch PuTTY and a configuration window will appear to you (Figure 2). br/ 1.

  • How do I restart a virtual private server?

  • If you are using a cPanel Control Panel on your Virtual Private Server, you have the option to restart all the services very quickly and easily. To do this, you will need to log in to the WHM using your root password, which gives you full access privileges. Once inside your WHM, locate the option menu Restart Services.