People also ask

  • What are the disadvantages of ovh hosting?

  • Some of the disadvantages of Ovh鈥檚 hosting service are the time needed for the technical service to be available and not being able to count on the self-management of the hosted websites offered by Ovh. However, these are disadvantages that are not entirely problematic considering that the technical support is of high quality.

  • Is the technical support offered by OVH reliable?

  • The technical support offered by Ovh is of high quality, responsible and reliable. On the web you can find different opinions about it. From users who complain about technical support. Even users who appreciate the help provided by the service. Due to the variety of opinions on the web about it.

  • What is the best CMS for an OVH website?

  • With Ovh you can not only count on WordPress on your website. You can also count on Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop. All the above-mentioned CMS but especially WordPress. They have an ease of installation that must be taken into account.

  • What are the different solutions offered by OVH?

  • The different solutions offered by Ovh are varied and aimed at different types of users interested in the service. Email Pro: The webmail service with the most adjusted and comfortable price. Hosted Exchange: The reference Webmail solution. hosted by Ovh.