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Containers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) both use software virtualization to partition and allocate hardware resources on cloud networks. VPS plans operate with hypervisor software providing shared kernel support across multiple native host operating system installations on a web server with fixed resource allocations.

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  • What is the difference between containers&VPS?

  • What is the difference between Containers VPS? Most of the Linux VPS plans available in web hosting run on KVM, Xen, or Virtuozzo/OpenVZ software, whereas Windows VPS plans more often implement VMware, Parallels, Microsoft Hyper-V solutions.

  • What features are included with the container VPS?

  • Along with the Container VPS we offer a free DNS manager, reverse DNS and hostname management, emergency access console, OS installation, and server reboot. Manage your server easily and very quickly.

  • What is a VPS?

  • All You Need to Know About Virtual Private Servers Copied! What is VPS? VPS ( V irtual P rivate S erver) is a hosting service that uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users.

  • What version of Linux does my container VPS run with?

  • Each Container VPS runs with the latest stable 3.10 or 4.4 Linux kernel version (depending on OS). If you need a more advanced version of Linux kernel, please take a look at our KVM Linux VPS offers.