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  • How to host a private email server on a VPS?

  • Here鈥檚 a recap of the steps to host a private email server on a VPS: 1 Set up the virtual server. 2 Point the domain to the server. 3 Set up the email server. 4 Initiate reverse DNS for the same server. 5 Create and test your new email address.

  • What is the hostname of my VPS or dedicated server?

  • You may have noticed that your VPS or Dedicated server uses a generic hostname(, The hostnameis simply your server鈥檚 name.

  • How to manage business mail in VPS?

  • You can use webmail to manage your business mail in VPS. Here鈥檚 how. Go to the webmail login page and enter your email and password. This would be the email and password you created in the steps above. You鈥檒l be ushered into the webmail dashboard. Click on Login To Webmail.

  • What is a virtual VPS hosting?

  • VPS hosting lets you accommodate web projects on your very own virtual machine. You get better performance thanks to the guaranteed hardware resources and a dedicated IP only you can use. There are two types of VPS hosting 鈥?managed and self-managed. A managed virtual server comes with a preconfigured setup.