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Your VPS is running Windows, so it may seem very familiar. You knowyou are connected to your VPS by the little bar in the middle top of your screen that displays your VPS server IP address. This window can be minimized, restored down, or closed like any other program on your computer, without interrupting the virtual environment.

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  • How to connect to a Windows VPS?

  • An easy answer to the question 鈥?How To Connect To A Windows VPS 鈥?is that you should open the Remote Desktop Connection application through the Windows Start menu. You should enter the IP address , username, and password. I hope you鈥檝e found this article useful.

  • What do I need to know about my VPS?

  • The IP address, username and administrator password you should have received from your VPS provider. Username you you should have received from your VPS provider 鈥?If you getting your VPS from Asia Virtual Solutions 鈥?then username will always be Administrator.

  • How to configure PostgreSQL to allow remote connections on VPS?

  • Edit pg_hba.config of PostgreSql to allow Ip of VPS (Geoserver): 2.- Edit postgresql.conf to allow remote connections: 1.- Firewall configuration to allow Ip (VPS) access.

  • How to connect a virtual private server?

  • When it comes to connecting a Virtual Private Server, the Remote Desktop ( RDP ) is the easiest way to connect. With the help of RDP, you can access the VPS like your personal computer. The most helpful feature of the RDP is that you can use it with any operating system such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.