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  • How do I enable remote desktop on a VPS host?

  • Visit the Chrome Remote Desktop site and log in to the Google account used on your VPS host. In the 鈥淩emote Access鈥?tab, click on the remote device you named earlier. Enter the PIN you chose earlier and tick Remember my PIN on this device if you want faster access in the future. Chrome will now start a session.

  • How do I connect to my VPS?

  • After completing payment and activating your VPS you will receive an email. You need to take note of the following: Open Remote Desktop Connection on your PC by clicking on Start: Copy and Paste your Server IP into the Computer field and click Connect: Click Use Another Acocunt:

  • Is it possible to get a free VPS server?

  • Although you can find a fair number of free web hosting services at the shared server level, site owners can have a harder time looking for a cloud server or VPS solution. Your best bet, if you don鈥檛 want to sign up with a hosting provider listed above, is to look for a free VPS trial with a reputable provider.

  • How do I Find my access code for a VPS?

  • You can find your code by logging into the VPS host, visiting the Chrome Remote Desktop page, and switching to the 鈥淩emote Support鈥?tab. Once there, press 鈥淕enerate Code鈥? Your access code will last for five minutes, so be sure your friend or support agent is paying attention.