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  • Can I edit main httpd conf to change settings for virtualhost?

  • Also, it is not recommended to edit main httpd.conf to change settings for VirtualHost. To customize httpd.conf for VirtualHost in cPanel, it is required to use include conf file to override any settings.

  • Where can I put custom conf files in virtualhost?

  • If you look at the httpd.conf file, you will find with each VirtualHost a notation indicating the file path where you can put custom conf files. Here is the example VirtulHost:

  • How does Apache virtual hosting work?

  • Every domain that is configured with a virtual host directive inside Apache鈥檚 config will direct the visitor to a specific directory where that very website is hosted on the server.

  • Where can I find httpd Conf in Apache?

  • My Apache is up and running fine and I can access it through cPanel and WebHost Manager. But, I cannot locate httpd.conf through there, either. Am I just missing something? Any assistance would be appreciated. You will find httpd.conf file at /usr/local/apache/conf directory.