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  • How do I install the PSAD intrusion detection system on Ubuntu?

  • The psad intrusion detection system is available in Ubuntu鈥檚 default repositories, so it can be easily acquired through apt: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install psad In order to configure mail delivery to alert the administrator, you will be asked to configure the postfix mail server.

  • What is the PSAD tool?

  • The psad tool, which stands for port scan attack detection, is a piece of software that actively monitors your firewall logs to determine if a scan or attack event is in progress. It can then alert administrators, or take active steps to deter the threat.

  • What are the 鈥渄anger levels鈥?declarations in PSAD?

  • One section that you probably want to take a look at is the 鈥渄anger levels鈥?declarations. These levels are a way for psad to categorize threat levels. They are automatically determined by the number of packets involved in an event, but you can assign certain types of traffic to be a certain danger level also.

  • What is intrusion detection and how does it work?

  • Intrusion detection systems are used to log suspicious connections and report when it looks like unusual activity is taking place. Some programs are used purely as a notification system, while others can actively attempt to block traffic that appear to be intent on causing harm.