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  • How do I access my VPS?

  • Finally, for quick access, you can add the remote desktop icon on the home screen of your device and simply launch it whenever you want to check on your VPS. Keep in mind that you need to have a stable internet connection to access your VPS.

  • How do I view the memory usage on a VPS?

  • Memory usage can be viewed in the server information stats. Below is an excerpt of the current memory usage on a VPS 4GB RAM with the free Linux terminal command. The total memory is 4GB for the VPS 4GB RAM plan and so on for the other plans.

  • What is a VPS hosting plan?

  • VPS stands for virtual private server. It strikes a nice balance between the affordability of shared hosting and the robust resources of dedicated hosting. These plans let developers dip into the world of server management without all of the stress and costs that come with pricey packages. Premium VPS hosting can cost you a pretty penny, too.

  • How do VPS backups get used?

  • In theory, this is how your VPS backups can get used. The two main use cases for backups are: File Restoration: Restoring a file or folder that has been corrupted or deleted due to system or human error. Full Server Recovery: Recovering the entire server to a previous restore point after catastrophic data loss.