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  • How to set up multiple masternodes on one VPS?

  • Multiple masternode setup on one VPS 1. Get a VPS server with IPv6 support. You need a VPS server with IPv6 support to run several masternodes on it. You can… 2. Logging in and system setup. Download PuTTY, a SSH client we will use to access our VPS from here. Choose a version… 3. Setting up …

  • What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

  • A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, or virtual machine, provided by web hosting companies all over the Internet. It is a server running within a server; a VPS is hosted by a 鈥渘ormal鈥?physical server. One physical server can host multiple virtual servers which can run and be maintained independently from one another.

  • What is a masternode and should you own one?

  • Owning a masternode is the third most popular way of being a part of the world of cryptocurrency, right after plain old 鈥淗ODLing鈥?and trading on an open market. In essence, it represents a form of passively holding cryptocurrency by running a wallet that is connected to its related blockchain network 24/7.

  • What is Linode VPS?

  • Linode is a VPS provider offering high performance SSD-hosted Linux servers for all of their customers鈥?infrastructure needs. Fast hardware combined with scalable environments aims to bring the best possible user experience.