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Can I run Docker on my VPS?Docker is fully supported for our Linux VPS and Premium VPS plans. It has been enabled by default and there is no action needed from your side. For better compatability for extended features, please create a file named .dockerenv on your / directory.

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  • Can I run Docker on my VPS/VDS?

  • If your server is VPS/VDS, please have in mind that Docker can not operate if your VPS is based on OpenVZ 6. We would advise you to use KVM-based VPS or VDS (Dedicated Server).

  • Can I run Docker on Hyper-V?

  • Those who need to run Docker on Hyper-V鈥檚 backend and Windows containers would need Windows 10 64-bit Pro, Enterprise, or Education (Build 17134 or higher) with the Hyper-V and Containers feature enabled.

  • What are the benefits of installing Docker on my Machine?

  • Installing Docker on your machine brings significant benefits: You can develop locally using a specific environment. You can ensure that local development environment is replicated exactly when you’re ready to deploy code, ensuring 100% compatibility.

  • How do I know if Docker is running or not?

  • Because there鈥檚 no visual indication telling you whether or not Docker is running, the platform鈥檚 documentation advises running the following command the first time you set Docker up: It tells Docker to download a test image, run it in a container, and print out a message telling you that the installation is a success.