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The Raspberry Pi willneed to be able to connect to the VPS via SSH, so you should create an SSH key pair for this purpose. On the Raspberry Pi, run: $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C my-raspberry-pi-name

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  • Should I use a VPS or Raspberry Pi to host my code?

  • You can either use a VPS for as little as 5$/month. Or use a Raspberry Pi (will cost you 40$, but is a one time purchase). We cover the benefits and disadvantages of using each method so you can decide which option is the best for you. We then cover how to host your code in a step-by-step way on both the VPS and Raspberry Pi.

  • Does Raspberry Pi support CAN bus (CAN controller)?

  • CAN Bus isn鈥檛 supported by Raspberry Pi hardware (GPIO). CAN Bus isn鈥檛 wasn鈥檛 supported by Raspberry Pi software (Raspbian). We will use a bridge between Raspberry Pi and CAN Bus: SPI Bus. We will use a CAN controller supported by Linux/Raspbian: MCP2515.

  • Is it cheaper to use a Raspberry Pi as a server?

  • Since you can get cheap vps servers for about $20-30 it’s questionable why to use a RPi for your playground. Hi! It was actually cheaper for me than a VPS server because I bought one Raspberry Pi to set it as a media center but they sent me two by mistake, so I got the chance to set up the second one as a server.

  • Does the Raspberry Pi support can?

  • The Raspberry PI doesn鈥檛 natively support CAN. The Broadcom SoCs (System on a Chip) used by the Raspberry PI doesn鈥檛 include a CAN controller. The Linux kernel supports CAN and includes SocketCAN drivers for the Microchip MCP2515 Stand-alone CAN Controller with SPI Interface.