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Remote Desktop Connection (RDC AKA RDP) allows user to remotely connect to a server. Unlike SSH access,user can manage files and folders through Graphical User Interface (GUI). This guide will help you to set up a RDP on your Ubuntu VPS or Dedicated server. This tutorial is for Ubuntu 12.04. And therefore it鈥檚 outdated.

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  • How to connect to Ubuntu server via RDP?

  • How to Connect via Remote Desktop (RDP) to Ubuntu 20.04 | 18.04. 1 Step 1: Install Xrdp. Since you already have a desktop environment with Ubuntu Desktop edition, simply run the commands below to Xrdp. 2 Step 2: Connect from Windows 10. 3 Connecting to Ubuntu Servers. 4 Published by Richard Zayzay.

  • How to connect to a Windows Server via Remote Desktop (RDC)?

  • Connect via Remote Desktop (RDC) to your Windows server 1 On your Windows machine, launch Remote Desktop Connection. 2 Enter your server’s IP address. 3 Enter your user name and password.

  • How to connect to a Linux VPS server remotely?

  • All Linux-based VPS servers like Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu VPS come with SSH (Secure Shell) access. You will be able to use this SSH to connect to your VPS remotely to execute your commands. Now, for whatever reason, you may have to use Windows or Mac on your personal computer, and at the same time, you need to use a Linux server with a desktop.

  • How do I connect to a remote desktop Linux server?

  • In the opened window, enter the name of your remote desktop Linux to Windows connection and select RDP as the protocol. In the Basic tab, enter the IP address of the remote host ( in this case), the username (user must be allowed to connect remotely on the target host) and the password of the selected user.