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More often than not,it is a common question among customers who lease dedicated servers or VPS servers whether or not it is necessary to have a control panel to manage their server. The short answer,of course,is no. However,a control panel is handy when managing a server because it takes care of everyday remedial tasks that a server handles.

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  • Is cPanel good for VPS hosting?

  • In the context of VPS, control panel is a tool to remotely access your VPS hosting. cPanel is arguably the best tool every server administrator can use. Even so, cPanel is not too good for bloggers or those who rent a VPS for running website for a small business. The reason is because you have to spend a monthly budget to use it.

  • How to manage a VPS on Windows?

  • If your VPS uses Windows Server, you can try to use Webmin to control your VPS. However, the Webmin for Windows doesn鈥檛 come with full functionalities like the Linux version. Webmin is also capable enough for managing your VPS although the features offered by this tool might not as rich as all tools above.

  • What is the best free control panel for VPS?

  • The first recommended free control panel you can use to access and manage your VPS is CentOS Web Panel. This control is built specifically for CentOS distro, but it also supports RedHat and CloudLinux. It鈥檚 probably the most feature-rich free control panel for VPS.

  • What is the server control panel used for?

  • The control panel is often used to check server usage and basic stats to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The performance and speed of your server and website cannot be seen, but control panels allow you to see and monitor all the necessary statistics.