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  • Can You Host 2 fivem servers from one VPS?

  • As the title says Can you host 2 FiveM servers from one VPS? Yep. They just need to be 2 different ports. Yeah I have 2 on the list But it fails handshake.

  • How to migrate from ec2-classic to VPC?

  • For simple individual EC2 instance migrations from EC2-Classic to VPC, besides AWS MGN or the Instances Migration Guide, you can also use the 鈥淎WSSupport-MigrateEC2 ClassicToVPC鈥?runbook from 鈥滱WS Systems Manager Automation鈥?

  • How many EC2 instances can I run in a VPC?

  • You can run any number of Amazon EC2 instances within a VPC, so long as your VPC is appropriately sized to have an IP address assigned to each instance. You are initially limited to launching 20 Amazon EC2 instances at any one time and a maximum VPC size of /16 (65,536 IPs).

  • Can bandwidth be spaced between instances in peered VPCs?

  • Bandwidth between instances in peered VPCs is no different than bandwidth between instances in the same VPC. Note: A placement group can span peered VPCs; however, you will not get full-bisection bandwidth between instances in peered VPCs. Read more about Placement Groups.