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  • Does a VPN allow you to access the deep web?

  • A VPN isn鈥檛 necessarily required access the deep web, just knowing the name of the website and having permission to access the website is sufficient. Unlike dark web, the deep web isn鈥檛 things like illegal images, creepy sites or nefarious information. It鈥檚 simply gated content which will require a user to login with credentials.

  • How to access the Dark Side of the deep web?

  • If you want to access the dark side of the deep web without Tor, you can use a dark web proxy site. These are sites that you can visit on a regular browser like Chrome that connects to the Tor network. provides this service.

  • How safe is the deep web?

  • When you access content on deep web, it鈥檚 pretty safe. As has been mentioned before, when you check email and statements online, that is deep web. However, accessing the information does come with some risks. The good news is that deep web鈥檚 pretty safe.

  • What VPN should I use to access the dark web?

  • Before downloading Tor, which is the most common Dark Web-accessible web browser, you must install and enable a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to encrypt your connection. NordVPN Surfshark, and ExpressVPN are common choices, but you can choose any VPN that has the following features: