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VPS or Dedicated Hosting – Manage Login SSL Certificates In order to log in securely to WHM, cPanel and web mail, you will need an SSL Certificate. You can purchase a signed certificate from an SSL certificate provider with the name of your choice; for example, or

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  • Where can I buy a VPS server?

  • VPS stands for the virtual private server. You can buy this at, we provide full SSD-powered virtual servers on a stable 40Gbit network in Miami, buy yours. VPS can be used for multiple purposed.

  • What is virtual private server (VPS)?

  • Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine, which is offered to you as a service where you will have total access to install software, hosting your files, running applications and much more. Our VPS Hosting server are based on VMware ESXi hypervisors hosted on first-class hardware which is capable of hosting multiple virtual machines.

  • Is VPS hosting Good for gaming?

  • VPS game hosting provides server space for hosting gaming platforms. Users are given access to the game through the hosting provider. Even though VPS hosting for gaming isn鈥檛 the best idea because a dedicated server trumps VPS hosting in all ramifications if you鈥檙e ready to bear its costs.

  • How much does VPS hosting cost in the UK?

  • provides managed VPS hosting with an optional cPanel. For faster more powerful web hosting, in a private and secured virtual environment, VPS is the right plan for you. You can buy UK VPS hosting plans for as little as 9.95 per month. Can I upgrade my VPS existing plan? Yes.