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  • How to host multiple websites on a single VPS server?

  • You can achieve this with Apache / Nginx virtual hosting. Virtual hosting allows you to use a single VPS to host all your domains. So hosting multiple websites on a single VPS server using Virtual hosting is the best solution for you to reduce the hosting cost.

  • How to add multiple domain names to a web hosting account?

  • Go to the domain registry where you registered the different domain names and change the DNS server settings to the DNS servers provided by your web host In your web hosting control panel at your web hosting account select the addon feature option. Here you can point the additional domain names to a sub folder inside your main web hosting account.

  • What are the disadvantages of shared web hosting?

  • Nevertheless, one of the notable disadvantages of shared web hosting is the fact that basic plan of most of shared hosting plans lets you host single domain name and it is a problem for those, who want to have many sites or blogs. In most cases, what restrains them from doing so is tightness of their budget!

  • What are the best shared web hosting services?

  • And, there are a huge number of web hosting providers that offer top-notch shared web hosting services, including HostGator and Bluehost!