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  • What do I need to run A Starbound server?

  • This allows players to connect to your machine to play Starbound, even if the game is closed (provided the server software is still running). If the computer you wish to run the server on has a private IP : You will need administrative access to all routers between the server and the internet (In a typical home, you may have up to 2 or more.

  • How do I change my server settings in Starbound?

  • Advanced Server Configuration By editing the file ‘starbound.config’ in the giraffe_storage directory, players can adjust the settings for the server they’re hosting. This method allows players to configure server passwords, ports, default game settings and much more by adjusting values.

  • How do I use systemd in Starbound?

  • To use systemd services, your server operating system must use systemd as its init system. Create a file in /etc/systemd/system/starbound-server.service or the corresponding systemd service location. Open the file for editing.

  • How do I connect to Starbound with my friends?

  • Locally, you should still be able to connect to your server using the IP (Local Loopback) in the Starbound client, however your friends won’t. Once the remote tool reports that the port is open, then you may give your IP out to your friends to play. To locate your IP use this, or another similar URL