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  • How to use SSH keys to log into a VPS?

  • Once you鈥檝e ensured that you can log into your VPS with SSH keys, you can further improve security by disabling password-based logins for the root user and others. Log into your VPS if you鈥檙e not already. Open up the SSH configuration file in your editor of choice. nano is a user-friendly option for those newer to Linux administration.

  • How do I connect to my VPS?

  • Connecting to your VPS with SSH and improving security Written by Joel Hans As soon as your new virtual private server (VPS) is partitioned, you鈥檒l probably want to log in and get started. Secure Shell, most commonly referred to as SSH, is your go-to option for logging into your server.

  • How to use ssh login without SSH key?

  • When using ssh keys, as well as no ssh keys for some other logins, you can, besides entries with ssh keys, also define a ssh login without ssh key usage in the ~/ssh/config file, for example : This works fine for me. It is also possible to define which key to use on the command line :

  • Why do I need a public key on my VPS?

  • By placing your public key on your VPS, you can match up the public key with your private key to log in. This dramatically increases the security of the connection鈥擲SH keys are nearly impossible to attack via brute force. First, create your keys on your local machine: